Chinamasa will not lead us anywhere

 EDITOR — Your story “Can Chinamasa lead us to Canaan” refers. My view is that Zimbabwe needs a good image and good friends to attract meaningful investment which can spur economic growth.
Of course, people always say we have to do it ourselves just like some Asian economies have done.

 But African leaders lack the discipline that their counterparts in other countries have; there is no doubt that members of the ruling elite are now worth a lot of cash at the expense of the  poverty stricken masses.
China has trillions in United States dollar reserves but they will never lend to us because they don’t have confidence in how we run our affairs.

So the short answer is no, Patrick Chinamasa, the new Minister of Finance, will not achieve anything apart from taking delivery of a brand new S Class Mercedes Benz.
If we are lucky, our Gross Domestic Product will still be US$10 billion; if not we will be another Sudan.



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