Commission: Police lied about Marikana

The Marikana Commission of Inquiry’s evidence leaders have accused the police of lying to the commission about the events of August 16 when 34 miners were shot dead by police.

This is the shocking allegation contained in a press release that was today issued by the advocates responsible for leading evidence before the commission.

It emerged after police hard drives containing thousands of pages of records which the police have never handed over, were leaked to evidence leaders.

Among these pages of evidence were documents “which in our opinion demonstrate that the SAPS version of the events at Marikana, as described in the SAPS presentation to this commission and in the evidence of the SAPS witnesses at this commission, is in material respects not the truth”.

The statement says a preliminary examination of documents has revealed that:

» The police have lied about the existence of certain documents;

» Have hidden other documents which should have been disclosed to the commission; and

» The police appear to have faked certain documents at a nine-day meeting they held in Potchefstroom. These documents purport to be from the day the Marikana shooting occurred.

“We do not make this statement lightly. We recognise that is is important that the SAPS should have the opportunity to explain the matters which have raised our concern.

“However, we have to say that absent a convincing explanation, the material which we have found has serious consequences for the further conduct of the work of this commission.”

The evidence leaders have called for a halt to the proceedings until next Wednesday.

A total of 44 people lost their lives in the violence at Marikana just over a year ago.

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