8 Of The Prettiest Space Photos Of The Year

Astrophotographer Of The Year Awards

László Francsics

The Royal Greenwich Observatory’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year winners are on display now in London. Time to drop whatever it was you were doing and look at some star porn.

The winners of the fifth annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards from the Royal Observatory Greenwich have just been announced, so drop whatever it was you were doing and sift through some star porn. This year, the winners were selected from a pool of 1,200 entries from 49 countries.

Below are a selection of the winners, plus a few awesome runners-up who definitely got jilted. The full list of winners (and the equipment they used) can be found on the Royal Museums Greenwich’s website.

Click here to enter the gallery

If you’re near London, you can go see the images in person at the Royal Observatory Greenwich until February 23, 2014. It’s free!


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