Comment on A gradual slide towards a failed state by Charmaine

I am a 26 year old black doctor who can see the writing on the wall in terms of where this country is headed to. I would like to leave while I can. Say what you will but I am not a freedom fighter. Ideally, a first world country would be my first choice but the large influx of immigrants and understandable hostility by locals makes me hesitate. I would like to stay in Africa and think I could cope with the inevitable xenophobia I will face, especially once more South Africans start crossing the border north.

My question then is which countries are more stable and more likely to welcome a foreigner? Research shows Botwsana as an option, but I would like to hear from those who have made the leap into other African countries.

Ps. Sorry to post on your wall but your post echoes what I see…the impending total collapse of this country.

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