Confirmed: Lebo M and wife splitting

Business tycoon and producer of The Lion King musical Lebohang “Lebo M” Morake has issued a statement confirming that he is indeed divorcing his wife, Angela Morake.

This confirms a City Press report on Sunday that he had pulled the trigger on their five-year union.

Angela confirmed last week that she and Lebo M had gone their separate ways but refused to reveal the reasons.

In a short statement released via his public relations manager Neo Motlhala today, Lebo M confirmed that his marriage to Angela had petered out and divorce proceedings were under way.

Lebo M also hinted that he had wanted to resolve the matter but failed to do so as he and Angela were no longer seeing eye to eye.

“It is difficult to speak on the matter at this stage as we have to respect the legal process under way. It is a challenging time for me – divorce is never an easy process.

“I would have preferred to try to work things out, but we could not see eye to eye – the second-best thing we could try is to complete this process amicably,” he said.

Although the two did not want to reveal the root cause of their split, a relative who did not want to be named for fear of reprisal alleged that Lebo M and Angela had been squabbling over rumours that he was trying to reconcile with his ex-wife, Nandi.

Nandi and Lebo M acrimoniously divorced a few years after their son, Thembalethu, drowned in a swimming pool in Randburg in 2003.

She moved to the US.

In 2009 she claimed that Lebo M was behind an incident in which she was almost pushed off the road in the US.

But he dismissed this as untrue.

The family member said the tumultuous marriage folded like a deck of cards about three weeks ago when Lebo M kicked Angela out of their posh house in Jozi.

“She left the house with plastic bags full of clothes. After so much that they have gone through together, this is how he thanks our girl. She must just move on with her life and forget about his money,” said the relative.

It is alleged that what also drove her bonkers was when she discovered that the house they were living in was actually not theirs but was leased from another person.

“She thought all along that he had bought it,” said the relative.

The family member said the families of the couple were supposed to meet in Jozi last Sunday in a desperate bid to save their marriage, but the meeting apparently did not materialise.

“Lebo M has been to speak to one of my relatives to meet and have talks with his uncle in a bid to resolve this matter. But after the news that Nandi is in the picture, it became difficult to proceed with these meetings,” said the relative.

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