No respite in criminals violence, ANC in limbo


JOHANNESBURG: (By Tony Selvester)– Criminal violence has gone through the roof in every part of South Africa and worst flip of scenario is that there is no respite over the last five years despite ruling party Alliance for National Congress (ANC) implemented different strategies to tame the freaky situation. (News prepared and released by South Africa News,

Zuma government is believed to have lost its writ and failure is play a major role in the fall of ANC in coming general elections. Revealing some facts, the National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders (NICRO) told mediamen that crime levels was rife and  violent crimes like cold-blooded killings, rapes,  robberies were uncontrollable

NICRO spokesperson Jacques Sibomana said that it was aspired by government to initiate downward trend in violence. Government presented rosy picture but facts could never be hid more, Sibomana said.

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) advised government that it was right time to reassess its strategy and refocus on gray areas instead of staying in fantasy world.

“Violence spreads its tentacles when government spend less on corruption and mismanage service delivery,” said IFP spokesperson Velaphi Ndlovu.

“We hail decline crimes of abuse against women and children, but more need to be done to better general environment in order to instill the sense of security among women.” The Congress of the People opined that hike in sexual offences and violent crimes was matter of great concern.

Spokesperson Leonar Ramatlakae mentioned that the Police recent crime statistics was enough to get alarmed and terrified. Statistics indicate creeping fear in general public for their lives and wealthy in their own homes, he added.

“Victims of sexual crimes, mostly women, are shaky about police attitude and feel that police personnel may spoil the cases. Some women withdrew their cases because of this.

“There is dire need of hour to review Police Act… to strengthen the powers of police… to prosecute perpetrators of this crime whether the complainant has withdrawn the case or not.”

Business Against Crime SA commented that the crime was booming to unsatisfactorily level.

“While significant efforts are being incused by government but crime has taken many shapes and dynamics and that is why crime control strategy need to be revisited,” CEO Simi Pillay-Van Graan said.

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