Buses and taxis impounded, condition ‘shocking’

At least 198 minibus taxis and 28 buses have been impounded for vehicle fitness and permit violations in Johannesburg, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has said.

“It is really shocking to see the condition of some of our public passenger transport vehicles, and this cannot continue,” RTMC acting CEO Gilberto Martins said today in a statement.

Many were impounded for incorrect, invalid or fraudulent route permits and vehicle fitness problems.

Other offences included defective steering and braking mechanisms, and worn tyres.

The corporation had inspected over 400 vehicles at various ranks and depots in the Johannesburg region.

“We will continue to relentlessly pursue these operators at ranks, depots, truck stops, weighbridges, toll gates and the like to ensure that dangerous drivers and vehicles are removed from our roads.”

The operators of the impounded buses were asked to replace them with transport that was compliant.

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