ICT trends Post…Technician warns of wild buying

Mobile phone technician in Botswana says the mobile phone “storm” has taken toll on people such that they forget to check if gadgets they buy are compatible with the local type approval and would be capable to satisfy their needs. Commenting on the customer service relations regard to buying phone, the technician who preferred not to be named says customers are in competition to buy best unique gadgets and they forget to check if that can deliver several of the products offered by mobile networks and partners–such as mobile phone banking and perform to their needs.

He says several times customers complain at their shop of gadget that fail, but at the end they realize they have signed non warranty forms and that they did get the best compatible gadgets. He on the other hand blamed sales people, who they say they are not technical literate to advice customers which brands and gadgets to buy which could suit Botswana environment taking into consideration what mobile network operators offer.

The technician notes it was best to consult a technician, before buying a gadget, especially mobile phones which are smart phones and are growing in Botswana. Recently the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) said it will scrap mobile handsets which are not type approved in Botswana and will fine outlets which still deal on those. The regulation came to effect September 1.

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