Former driver’s complaints against Humphrey Mmemezi ‘ignored’

Former Gauteng MEC Humphrey Mmemezi’s former driver laid several complaints against him, the Krugersdorp Magistrates’ Court has heard.

Tshepo Lethlathle was asked to describe to the court what kind of individual Mmemezi was. He said the former housing MEC wanted things done his way.

“I lodged several complaints to my superiors against former MEC Mmemezi, but nothing was done about the complaints.”

Lethlathle was testifying in the trial of Joseph Motsamai Semitjie on charges of reckless or negligent driving, and failing to help an injured individual.

Teenager Thomas Ferreira suffered serious injuries when he was knocked over in Krugersdorp in November 2011, allegedly by Semitjie who was driving Mmemezi to a meeting.

Moses Rankoe, for Semitjie, called Lethlathle to the stand. Lethlathle said he was Mmemezi’s driver for a year, and had been a VIP protection guard for 13 years. VIP guards worked under difficult conditions, he testified.

“We were told to comply and complain later.”

Lethlathle said VIP protection guards without advanced driving course qualifications were allowed to drive VIPs.

The trial continues.

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