Beyond the glamour

Forget the glitz and glam, Lerato Mvelase wants to dig deeper and tell stories of hope in SA.

Bubbly, warm and relatable – this is Lerato Mvelase in a nutshell.

Coupled with her experience as a TV presenter and actress, these qualities led to Lerato being chosen as the new presenter for eTV’s hit show

Kaelo, Stories of Hope.

The show is in its eighth season and has reached a new high, drawing over a million viewers, even during ‘soapie hour’.

‘We get over 71% viewership at prime time. I believe that people are looking for substance and not just the fake glamour that a lot of TV shows sell. People want solutions to their problems, something to be hopeful about and our show fulfills that need,’ says Lerato.

Even though she is used to working on high-profile shows such as Home Affairs, Kaelo has opened a new chapter in her career.

‘I think landing this job was destiny. I’ve always believed that everyone needs to give back and I’ve been doing that in my personal capacity for years. My own journey and the vision of the show were aligned and compatible. I also love sharing the good news of how people are helping change lives; it’s an honour to be able to do that kind of work.’

Lerato says for the first time in her TV career, audiences get a glimpse into who she really is.

‘When you’re acting, people fall in love with the characters you play but still have no idea who you really are.

With Kaelo, I am myself and I open myself up to all sorts of emotions as I travel around the country and tell amazing stories.

Sometimes it feels like I am growing on television because with each story, I learn something new about people and about myself,’ she says.

Off-screen, Lerato is working on a play titled A Matter of Fact.

‘I’m working with people who are still trying to build a name for themselves and it means a lot that I am able to help them. The show is about empowered women and the struggles they face with men.’

• A Matter of Fact is at the Windybrow Theatre from Tuesday.


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