Mamphela Ramphele ‘bought’ defected members – EFF

Agang SA lured members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng to defect with promises that they would be paid, the EFF has claimed.

“We are … aware that many of them defected because they were promised payments for the work they will do in Agang SA,” EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said in a statement.

He was responding to an Agang SA press conference today, when it welcomed more than a hundred former EFF members.

“This means they were bought by (Agang leader) Dr Mamphela Ramphele with the money she got from the sweat and blood of mine workers, and our mineral resources,” he said, referring to her shareholdings in mining companies.

Agang could not immediately be reached to comment on the claim.

Ndlozi said the defectors represented less than 1% of the EFF’s Gauteng support base.

“Indeed, many people will from time to time, particularly in a democratic society, move from party to party. Thus, we wish all those who left a farewell,” he said.

Ndlozi said the EFF had not drawn attention to the members it had recruited from other parties as it was not an “attention-seeking” party.

“The EFF is only going to its third month since it formed as a mass party, and it already boasts with programmes that have gained popularity with the popular classes.”

Earlier, Agang SA said in a statement that more than a hundred EFF members had defected to the party.

Former Gauteng EFF convenor Pule Matshitshe said the defectors believed Ramphele could change South Africa for the better.

“We trust Dr Ramphele to lead our country and we trust Agang SA to tackle corruption, poverty and inequality,” he said.

“We are proud to become members of Agang SA, and we urge all young and right-minded people across the country to join the party.”

Former EFF Gauteng coordinator Nozi Poswayo and 15 other key members of the EFF’s Gauteng structures were among those who joined Agang SA.

Agang SA political director Moeketsi Mosola welcomed the new members and said his party was going “from strength to strength”.

“Young people across the country respect Dr Ramphele’s integrity and lifelong fight for freedom. People from all walks of life see that Agang SA is the only nonracial home for all South Africans.”

Mosola said the new members would be expected to work hard in their structures.

The new recruits made a declaration of allegiance to Ramphele and Agang SA.

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