Police want proof of Marikana ‘lies’

The police have called on the evidence leaders at the Marikana Commission of Inquiry to show the exact documents that prove that the SAPS’ version of the events of August 16 2012, when 34 miners were shot dead, is fundamentally untrue.

The hearings continued today in Centurion after a postponement to allow evidence leaders, led by Advocate Geoff Budlender, to go through new material handed over by the SAPS.

Today, the SAPS was expected to respond to accusations put forward by the evidence leaders including that it had lied about the existence of certain documents.

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Advocate Ishmael Semenya, representing the SAPS, requested the evidence leaders to show on which documents they based their assertions that the “SAPS version of the events at Marikana, is in material respects not the truth”.

“We are gravely concerned over the opinion of the evidence leaders that the version of SAPS was not the truth. This statement was thought out thoroughly and was not made lightly. The evidence leaders must show us on which documents exactly they base their judgment,” said Semenya.

He also informed the commission that the police would respond in writing, but no time frame was given for the response.

Budlender responded by saying that the allegations would be addressed during the examination of the witness.

Colonel Duncan Scott testified to his role in the plans which were made to deal with the situation days before last year’s shooting.

Scott was asked to say what pages of a document handed over to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) last year were created at later stage.

This document was a version of the plan used to disperse and arrest miners on the koppie near Marikana.

His testimony continues.

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