RTMC unveils plan to reduce accidents

The Road Traffic Management Corporation has announced plans to curb road accidents.

“It must be agreed that this will be a national roll-out of public transport enforcement and the approach must be professional but vigorous, extensive and decisive along identified hazardous locations,” acting CEO Gilberto Martins told reporters in Pretoria today.

The aim of the plan was to reduce the number of accidents, create a heightened awareness of road traffic safety, and increase the detection and prosecution of critical traffic offences. For the plan to be effective, traffic officers had to be on the roads.

“For detection to be effective, we need to ensure that traffic enforcement is visible. The only way to detect if a car is roadworthy is by physically inspecting it,” he said.

Martins said while the project would target all road users, special focus would be on public transport and heavy freight vehicles.

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