Research and Intellectual expo to be held in Zimbabwe

A Research & Intellectual Expo will be held in Zimbabwe from October 2 to 4 2013 at the University of Zimbabwe UZ under the theme: Research partnerships for wealth creation.

According to the organizers, the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education expo seeks to harness research and intellectual work by Zimbabweans both at home and in the diaspora for national development.

“It also provides a platform for sharing knowledge, networking and collaborating by stakeholders in higher and tertiary education in Zimbabwe – government and state agencies, industry and commerce, strategic regional and global bodies, local civil society networks, the public and higher and tertiary education institutions in Zimbabwe,” said a spokesperson.

Participating institutions include all universities, research and extension centres/institutions, polytechnics, technical colleges, teachers colleges in Zimbabwe and research institutions and individual researchers and academics from the region and the Diaspora. The thrust is to provide a platform from which Zimbabweans would find out about the new research outputs being produced at our national higher and tertiary education institutions.

The inaugural RIE Expo was held in 2011 and the subsequent 2012 edition have established a reputation as a focal point for new ideas and new practices in research, learning and technological and socio-economic development.

This is the third edition of the country’s premier research and intellectual showcase.


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