Standoff between EFF and Sasco at Unisa

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) supporters and members of Sasco hurled insults at each other in song ahead of an address by EFF leader Julius Malema at Unisa, in Pretoria.

SA Students Congress (Sasco) Unisa chair Solly Nkuna said only registered students would be allowed in the ZK Matthews Hall, where the EFF leader was expected to speak on land reform.

“We have vowed to disrupt any talk given by Malema,” said Nkuna.

“We took a position that non-students are not going to enter or participate. We will destabilise everything until such a point that students are the only ones left inside (the hall).”

He accused university management of turning Unisa into a platform for unhappy former ANC members.

Malema, who previously served as leader of the ANC Youth League was expelled from the party last year.

“We realise that Unisa, instead of being an institute of learning, is becoming a platform for those expelled from the ANC,” Nkuna said.

On the issue of land, Nkuna said Sasco had a duty to protect the rainbow nation and would not support any organisation that wanted to forcefully grab land.

“The issue must be addressed accordingly. We can’t allow our country to become like Zimbabwe,” he said.

“We won’t support Malema as he talks about grabbing land from the whites.”

The EFF supporters sang, “One Zuma, one idiot,” while holding their hands above their heads to represent a showerhead.

They also sang: “Malema is coming” and “Julius sent us because we are not afraid”.

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