Nelson Mandela’s film “Long Walk to Freedom” on Nov 29


NATIONAL: (By Yasir Habib Khan)– Everyone has glued eyes on November 29, a day South African anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela’ legendary film on his autobiography, “Long Walk to Freedom” to be released to mesmerize the world showcasing rise and ebbs of one of the greatest hero of freedom struggle in human history. (Story prepared and released by The South Africa News.

The film has already premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Sounding to qualify for an Oscar, the film envelops various sides of revolutionary leader—to a sensual side, complete with a bedroom scene and a shirt-ripping incident.

The 95-year-old struggle hero Mandela who is still fighting lung infection and recently discharged from hospital has not watched the film except some select scene.

Film was directed by Justin Chadwick and scripted by William Nicholson. Musician Blondie Makhene prepared music in the film. It hosts stars like Idris Elba and Naomie Harris in leading roles, as well as local comedian Riaad Moosa, Tony Kgoroge, Carl Beukes and Terry Pheto.

Film reveals Mandela life story as epic and inspiring. Born to be a Xhosa leader, he got training in law, then jumped into resistance, then politics, then rose up to a reverence that led him to sainthood.

Film shows all shades of his childhood in a small village through his 27-year jail and eventual release from imprisonment. While covering the events in the leader’s biography, including his early political struggle in Johannesburg, his powerful terms with his second spouse, Winnie (played by Naomie Harris), and his revolutionary years as supremo of the African National Congress, the filmmakers viewed that film would dig deep insight to comprehend what made the unafraid man tick.

Epic film dramatized on Nelson Mandela’s remarkable life charts rigorous struggles that took him from South Africa’s rural Cape region to fiery armed movement and arrest, and then to the president’s laurel as South Africa’s first democratically elected leader.

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