Controvercial painting back to exhibition


JOHANNESBURG: (By Vijay Melhotra)– A controversy-ridden painting highlighting the Marikana shootings is showcased again at the First National Bank Joburg Art Fair. (Story prepared and released by The South Africa News.

Development came after artists staged protest against removal of painting.  Ayanda Mabulu’s Yakhalinkomo – Black Man’s Cry had to be removed when exhibition organizers felt that painting could spoil the interests of artists, sponsors, buyers and audiences.

But, later understanding grew on the ground that Mabulu’s painting should be brought back. Mabulu told The South Africa News that he got a call from gallery, Commune1, informing him that the painting would no longer be displayed.

The artist earned disrepute for painting President Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed – before Brett Murray carried out the same with The Spear.

Yakhalinkomo offered a depiction a kneeling miner with horns on his head, metaphorically representing a dying bull. He is being assaulted by Zuma’s dog that indicated the police. Zuma, dressed in a suit during the blood sports, steps on another dying miner’s head.

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