Controversy rages on Sylvia Lucas’s R50000 food bill


NATIONAL: (By Richard Olson)– The Alliance for National Congress (ANC), ruling party in South Africa, has bashed media for allegedly exaggerated reporting of Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas’s fast food bill using government credit card. (Story was prepared and released by The South Africa News.

The ANC committee in the Northern Cape provincial legislature slammed media for what it said misreporting over the issue that Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas used government money of over R50 000 on fast food in her first 10 weeks in office.

However, Lucas’s office told The South Africa News that her bill did not cross the limit.  She never infringed any law and feed herself in the line of her official duties, office said.

In a statement, the office of the chief whip in the legislature claimed that media brought her name into disrepute on gender and racism basis that damaged not only black people but also the black women.

It said that Lucas had reserved right to speak against this treatment to the Human Rights Commission.

The caucus commented that media had indulged character assassination campaign against Lucas in following of vested interest.

In “caricaturing” Lucas, the media proved itself to be playing with the hands of mafia hell-bent to malign black people with propagation of feeling that black class did not have guts to rule.

Showing chicken purchased at KFC and Nandos, the media had tried to make a buzz that black people were obsessed with chicken-made food depicting black people as unworthy and untrustworthy.

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