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,,All is in flux, nothing will remain the sameˮ Dr. Buiter

Many companies are trying to define the best procurement approach and consider both the tactical and the strategic procurement streams. The key word of 2013 is agility.

The most important challenges and opportunities in the healthcare sector and pharmaceutical industry will be pointed out by one of the confirmed speakers at the Global Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Summit. Moving beyond supplier relationship management co-creating value through strategic alignment will be addressed by Sammy Rashed, Former Global Head of Productivity and Sourcing Strategy of Novartis. He will identify the unique capabilities in a supplier community which best tackle unmet needs.

David Strohner as a Senior Sourcing Manager and Strategy Leader from DOW Europe GmbH will explain the impact of Geopolitical effects on the procurement and supply chain missions.

The top decision makers will be discussing the current sourcing trends at the Global Strategic & Procurement Summit in Barcelona. The 2-day conference is supported by a pre-conference workshop on strategic sourcing visions and budget visibility.

Companies such as AstraZeneca, Solvay, DOW, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, TDC, Ericsson, HSBC, Deutsche Bank to name a few are going to share their knowledge and views at the Global Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Summit.

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Contact details: Silvia Klincekova, E: T: +421 2 52 444 221 ext: 415

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