ICT Trends in Cairo-Egypt

The provision of high speed internet facilities is considered as the pillar of Economic Development for Egypt’s future, thus leading to the investment of 6.4 billion dollars in Broadband. The minister of CIT, Alef Helmy, inaugurates the Broadband Conference with the Participation of Multinationals and Landlines, Mobile and Internet Operators and Service Providers in Cairo, under the theme “Broadband in Egypt between Reality and the Future.”.

The conference scheduled to take place between December 9 and 12, 2013, is coming on at a time a number of internet subscribers witnessing a sharp increase after the political turmoil. The rate of internet subscribers in Egypt reached 32.62 million subscribers with an increase in its widespread that reached 39.41%. The number of ADSL subscribers reached 2.24 million, and the number of internet subscribers through mobile phones reached 11.06 million subscribers.

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