Zebra Technologies to unveil innovations for the Middle East as GCC revenues rise strongly

Middle East launches focus on hardware, systems and mobility – designed to enhance the visibility of people, assets and processes, with a focus on healthcare

Gitex 2013, 20-24 October 2013, Dubai

Stand Hall 4, C4-5

8 October 2013 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates): Zebra Technologies, the market leader in marking and printing technologies, will launch an advanced RFID printer and a new operating system that links software, apps and smart devices – enabling the ‘Internet of Things’ – at Gitex 2013. The new offers are an integral part of the company’s Visible Value Chain philosophy, which turns physical assets, people and transactions, into digital information and creating a clearly visible picture of the location, condition, timing and accuracy of an organisation’s operations, from multiple devices including mobile devices. Zebra is generating strong revenue growth across the GCC and especially in the healthcare sector, where Zebra already works with most of the Ministries of Health and the company’s new partner network is developing rapidly.

Zebra’s New RFID printer combines advanced features and simple operation, all on the desktop and is designed to support the continued, broader adoption of RFID – all especially effective in situations where IT support may be limited or the staff is not knowledgeable about RFID. The new printer is Link-OS™ enabled which is another Zebra innovation – an operating system that pairs a powerful software development kit and software apps with smart Zebra devices. The operating system allows users to easily integrate, manage and maintain Zebra’s suite of printers from multiple locations. Link-OS integrates Zebra printers into a rapidly evolving cloud-based wireless world with an ever increasing number of smart devices.

Zebra’s applications focus on Retail (in-store tagging, item-level exception tagging); Manufacturing (WIP, case/pallet tracking); Government/DoD Compliance (document tracking, MIL STD 129 compliance); Hospitality/Leisure (RFID wristbands, cashless transactions, mustering, queue management); and Healthcare (specimen tracking, patient identification, asset tracking).

Pratik Kajaria

“Zebra is committed to providing innovative technologies from smart printers to real-time tracking technologies to help organizations gain better visibility into their operations, which resonates across all sectors in the region.” said Pratik Kajaria, Territory Manager, Middle East, Zebra Technologies Europe Limited. “Our key sector in the GCC is healthcare and with a particular emphasis on the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where there are large investments going into the sector and where our infrastructure and network are developing strongly. We are now building a new level of service support and relationships with customers, through our first Zebra Independent Service Partners (ZISP) network in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. These markets are growing strongly at a double digit rate, year on year.”

In the healthcare sector, service providers are seeking ways to minimise medication, laboratory and patient identification errors, whilst maximising efficiency and safety. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are being adopted to maintain detailed and accurate lifelong patient records and the data generated by barcodes on patient wristbands, medications, laboratory orders/results and other diagnostic tests is collected and fed directly to a patient’s EHR. US healthcare providers are rapidly adopting EHRs and the EU is working on standards for EHRs for every citizen.

At Gitex 2013, Zebra will present the latest solutions for healthcare, retail, mobile workforce, government, education and location systems. For further information about Zebra visit www.zebra.com

Source: Zebra Technologies, WPR Dubai

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