Houses of Spears: The African beneath the American

The NFL is short for one of America’s most loved and watched sports league. The most loved players, it turns out, are bronzed, huge footballers of African origin, setting sports betting sites on fire as they routinely turn up year after year from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and other furnaces of sporting talent from Africa.

Giving Back to Their Motherland

“Every time I go to Sierra Leone and spend time with the school, I see a piece of myself in those children”

Madieu Williams, NFL pro

Williams had to leave his native Sierra Leone shortly before a civil war took place in the country. However, the former Cincinnati Bengals player has not forgotten his country of birth, and got an elementary school built here four years back. Williams believes in the power of sport—he organizes youth football camps for kids at absolutely no fee and wishes to give back to Africa in a huge way.

Israel Idonije is another big name when it comes to philanthropy and nicety in the NFL circuit. The surprise inclusion in the Cleveland Browns’ practice squad has gone on to make it big in the latter days of his career. His foundation is a philanthropic organization working to solve crises not only back in West Africa, but in Chicago and Winnipeg. The foundation offers four core programs aimed at making lives better in Nigeria and America. Idonije currently is on a one-year contract with the Detroit Lions.

Born to a Jamaican mother, Ndamukong Suh’s name means ‘house of spears” in his native Cameroonian. The young player has already pledged $2.6 million to his alma mater! Along with a huge lot of talented and bright rookies and stalwarts in the world’s biggest league, African origin players are sure going to end up setting hearts on fire besides making many lives prosperous.

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