The Portuguese-Spanish consortium IGME-LNEG-IMPULSO will assist the Angolan government in carrying out its National Geology Plan (PLANAGEO).

The unincorporated temporary joint venture (UTE) made up of the Spanish Geological and Mining Institute (IGME), the Portuguese National Energy and Geology Laboratory (LNEG) and the full-service technical assistance company, Impulso Industrial Alternativo, S.A. (IMPULSO), has been awarded the project for technical assistance to the Angolan Geological Institute (IGEO) in the implementation of the country’s National Geology Plan (PLANAGEO) to cover the southern region – 37.5% of the country’s total land. The contract amounts to USD 115 million and entails five years of work including a general mapping of the area and the related engineering.

The Angolan Minister and the Spanish State Secretary accompanied by ambassadors from both countries and representatives of the Joint Venture


The official signature between the IGEO’s director, Professor Makenda Ambroise, and the UTE representatives recently took place at the central offices of the Ministry of Geology and Mines and was attended by the Angolan Minister of Geology and Mines, Francisco Queiroz, the Spanish Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Carmen Vela, the Spanish ambassador to Angola, Julia Alicia Olmo and the Angolan ambassador to Spain, Víctor Manuel Rita da Fonseca Lima, among other international luminaries. The event will continue today into the evening with an official reception at the Embassy of Spain.

Amounting to more than USD 300 million, it is the largest geological contract currently in force in the world. Its importance also derives from the consequent opening up of Angola’s raw materials to diversification, as the country’s economy is at present strongly dependent on oil.

Founded in 1849, the IGME is the second oldest geology institution in the world. It is a public-sector research agency operating autonomously under the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. It is a benchmark national centre for creating knowledge infrastructure, information and R&D+i in the earth sciences. The IGME’s primary mission is to provide accurate knowledge and information relating to the earth sciences and technology to any actions in the country.

The LNEG is the national geological service for Portugal. It is a public-sector research agency operating autonomously under the Portuguese Ministry of Environment, Land Planning and Energy. Its primary mission to promote and innovate in energy and geology to provide the country with knowledge and information about the country and its resources.

IMPULSO is a full-service engineering, architecture and consulting service provider with over 30 years’ experience in many geology and mining studies. Its headquarters are located in Asturias and it has offices in seven countries, including Africa and Latin America, particularly in Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya and Ivory Coast. It has been operating in Angola for six years and currently is preparing the country’s industrialisation plan, among other works.


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