AIDS Doesn’t Discriminate, So Why Do We?

Benta lives in a little apartment in the Lake District on the outskirts of one of the beautiful cities in the Scandinavia Denmark – Aarhus. She soon becomes seriously ill after being diagnosed with AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). The stigma surrounding the disease causes many of Benta’s friends and family to desert her. Kofi, an illegal immigrant, willingly accepts the task of caring for Benta and marries her with hopes of remaining in Denmark. Benta’s condition eventually worsens, and she is admitted to the hospital. Kofi receives word of her death and faces the possibility of deportation to Africa. Due to the discrimination Kofi faces regarding his care for an AIDS patient, he questions whether he did the right thing. “I Don’t Have AIDS,” which is dedicated to HIV/AIDS victims worldwide, eliminates the fears of caring for such patients and brings the human side to the forefront.

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