Bureaux de change operators study new $100 notes

In the face of changing technology Nigerian bureaux de change operators have been compelled to study features in world currency denominations to be able to adequately service their customers and avoid been defrauded, general manager for Travelx Nigeria Tony Enwereji disclosed.

The company which recently, provided training/awareness workshop to bureaux de change operators says the expected arrival of the news redesigned one hundred US dollar bill, $100, in the next few days will make operators vulnerable to fraudsters who will want to flood the market with fake bills, and training in such will empower them to distinguish between fake and genuine one hundred dollar bill.

The training was designed to help the operators keep abreast the qualities and features of the new notes to not only help them identify counterfeits but also to ensure that dollar counterfeiting is kept very low in the country if not eradicated.

The U.S government continues to enhance the security of its currency hence the decision of the country to introduce the new $100 bill note is much keen to keep counterfeiting low.


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