JME 33th and 17th TELEFOOD: City KARA to honor

The 33rd edition of the World Food Day (WFD), coupled to the seventh edition of the «TELEFOOOD «operation will be officially launched on October 29 deferred to Kara.

This was announced the Togolese Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Colonel Ouro Koura AGADAZI at a press conference last Saturday having sanctioned the caravan ” TELEFOOD ” which traveled some major arteries of the city of Lomé.

Commissioner Togolese State agricultural business was supported in this press conference by Antonio Isaac Monteiro, resident representative of the United Nations Fund for Food and Agriculture (FAO), and Mr. Mindi LAMBONI the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries .

”Undernutrition was halved. The rate is currently 16 % against 32 % previously,” has in his speech for the occasion said Minister AGADAZI.

The department is committed to further reduce this rate, so dye within 5 years of zero hunger.

The celebration of World Food Day theme this year “Sustainable food systems serving the food security and nutrition.”

Minister AGADAZI returned briefly to the message conveyed by the subject message and presents the current picture of the food situation in Togo , it is through the following interview : : Minister , in conjunction with the celebration of the 33th World Food Day , a caravan called “Operation Telefood ” was organized . Talk to us and tell us what the Togolese government to eradicate hunger in the country

Minister AGADAZI : We organized this caravan called ” Telefood operation” to sensitize communities on the need to wisely manage the food in relation to the protection of the environment. This year, the JMA has been the central theme «sustainable food systems serving the food security and nutrition.” It is a theme which is imperative for the sound management of food and the protection of the environment. You know anywhere else that is put in place policies and strategies to boost production , but this improvement or increase in production must take into account the environment, the man found the faculties of management environment that integrates food needs. At Togo, there have been efforts that have been made to ensure food coverage at the national level. It is noticed that for some time behaviors that pollute the environment. So it comes to raising awareness about the harmful effects of waste at the consumer level. It pollutes the atmosphere, it pollutes the environment in our communities and it even causes diseases. You know that recently the Ministry of Health announced that it is developing a pandemic of cholera. We’ll have to sensitize communities in both city centers in our rural areas on the behavior to quickly eradicate this scourge that could create a lot of damage at the population level. That’s why we organized this caravan on the sidelines of the official ceremony in Kara on October 29. : Will you give us a picture of the current food situation in Togo ?

Minister AGADAZI : We recorded this year by the statistics of surpluses in grain production. But in the industry tubers and legumes, we remarkable surpluses. This is due to the fact that the place was known by Togo floods and even droughts. The situation is not at all alarming because we cover the needs to the point to consider support to be given to the Sahel countries have been seriously affected by waves of floods and droughts. So there are no concerns at the national level, and the proof is that you have a net availability of food in markets of consumption or production with affordable prices for all budgets. It must now be repositioned together with farmers to manage the flow of these products , so they can get the maximum benefit from this situation is not alarming for Togo , but for the sub-region where it comes implement a number of actions to support populations of the Sahel ‘s food coverage.

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