17 schools get affordable broadband connection

Six universities are expected to benefit from a more cost effective and affordable broadband connection by June next year among the 17 targeted to tap onto the service provided by Universal Service Provision Fund, (USPF).

According to the Executive Secretary of the Fund, Alhaji Abdullahi Maikano says connecting the universities is part of the company strategy to reposition and affords communities by providing rural telephony access and modest internet link, adding that this was to put Nigeria on a road map as Africa’s leading economic hub through the use of information and communication technology, (ICT).

“We have rebranded USPF. We are looking at two areas — connectivity and access. Anything we are doing now, it is either connectivity, access or both. We have streamlined activities to focus mainly on these areas”, he said.

The ICT Company is diversifying services and will add to their mandate of computer hardware and accessories supply, which has been benefiting schools to include ICT services such as broadband internet.

Over the years several units of computers have been deployed in schools and universities under the university connectivity project, but have since discovered that the students in universities are not in acute need of computers because almost all s have their own laptops. USPF redesigned the project to take the shape of “Bring Your Own Device”, BYOD, model that they use to connect to the network.

USPF will connect fibre, data centre and video-conferencing facilities. Internet Protocol (IP) phone system is also expected to be provided within the schools, linking other extensions within the university environment with enough voice, video and data to allow access to cheaper calls over the Internet Protocol.

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Pascal Raditsebe
Africa business Correspondent

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