Flash2Follow solution empowers Nigeria SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises dealing with Information Technology accessories in Nigeria are beginning to rip the “goodies” packaged within Flash2Follow solution – a platform designed to assist entities boost business performance through market research, web campaigns, brand awareness and conducting polls among others.

Following rampant online frauds, verification and protection of mobile numbers, Flash2Follow solution, has proven to be a solution to curb such hazards by pasting the unique toll free number generated for clients on your web page thus protecting SMEs against sophisticated cyber crime.

Vconnect Global Services (VGS) which powers the internet solution says has further been designed to bridge communication gap between businesses and customers. Research has shown that most companies do not know a large percentage of those patronizing them, as there is no way to track them.

“The importance of business owners knowing their customers cannot be over emphasized as the success of any business venture is largely dependent on their previous customers and the loyalty they create for that business,” Vconnect General Manager Deepankar Rustagi.

Vconnect Global Services Limited is a local search engine and an information service provider in Nigeria and has device the Flash2Follow to step up the presence of Nigerian businesses at no cost.

The solution, according to Rustagi  can be adopted in multiple industries including fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, Financial, Religious, Political institutions, among others.

Flash2Follow, has been developed and successful been launched as a prominent marketing tool in countries like India, Morocco and a host of others including Nigeria.

Meanwhile an increasing number of companies in Nigeria have started adopting the solution especially fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) companies which are actively involved in the forefront of powering Nigerian manufacturing sector to improve the  socio-economic development country.

This tool, he said has  enabled FMCGs increase their database of consumers rapidly enabling more effective management thus Flash2Follow has made their goal easily attainable.

Businesses implementing Flash2Follow solution are expected to have access to a wide range of opportunities which includes accessibility of dedicated log-in portal to track their communities, seamless flow of interaction, awareness of new products, product discounts and other necessary company activities via text messages, customer loyalty, effective feedback mechanism and accurate measurement of customer satisfaction.

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