Improving access to sustainable energy for a harmonious development

Players in the energy sector in Togo said Tuesday, the urgent need for them to contribute to the improvement of access to energy must still this is a clean, sustainable and optimal energy terms of cost to all the people of both urban and rural country.

It is the occasion of the World Day of sustainable energy, the first of which has been chaired by the Togolese Minister of Mines and Energy, Mr. Dammipi Noupokou.

For this first celebration, it is the site of the company’s gas distribution «SODIGAZ SA “, which was chosen to host the event, whose theme was «universal access to sustainable energy for a harmonious development “.

Addressing the theme, the CEO of the company in his welcoming announced for the year 2014, an investment forecast for improving access to energy Togolese people.

These investments amounted to about 2 billion FCFA will according to him, ” also strengthen and harmonize national coverage logistics.”
In sub-Saharan Africa, more than 600 million people have no access to modern energy services and rely largely on traditional biomass.

Paradoxically, the African continent has immense resources hydropower, solar, wind, biomass and geothermal.
In Togo, the finding revealed that households are major consumers of energy after industry.
More than 60 % of the population lives in rural areas where they essentially use oil to 22% (for electrification), and wood to over 76 %.
This reflects a high use rate of biomass, which is a blow to forests scarce in Togo where the forest heritage is only 6 % today.

It should be remembered that the first commemoration of World Energy Day in Togo, comes a year after its proclamation at the World Energy Forum held in Dubai in October 2012.

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