Intergence announces global launch of Appflare, a unique global internet monitoring and reporting system, at Gitex 2013

GITEX 2013 – 20-24 October 2013, Dubai

Intergence: Stand number: Network & Security Hall 2 – C21

Intergence announces global launch of Appflare, a unique global internet monitoring and reporting system, at Gitex 2013

New Intergence managed service predicts and monitors performance from a user perspective of international websites and web services across over 60 POPs worldwide

Intergence, the IT optimisation experts operating from the UAE and UK, has announced the launch of a new managed service designed to predict and then monitor the performance of international websites – especially business critical websites and web services – providing valuable insights into service quality and user experience before and after launching. Following a successful pilot programme, Intergence is presenting Appflare to the global market and unveiling the managed service for the first time at Gitex 2013.

According to the Aberdeen Group, even a one-second delay in Web performance response times can impact conversions by 7% and customer satisfaction by 16%. The service a customer, partner or employee experiences when using website or internet applications plays a critical role in most business’ success and yet few do anything to safeguard against poor performance, which in turn affects the business and reflects poorly on the company’s brand perception. Often, if there is a problem with a site or web-based application, customers are made aware by a user or member of staff and are not pro-actively monitoring and receiving automated alerts from the system.

Appflare enables companies and service providers, from governments to healthcare providers, to evaluate the website user experience before launching services, with business critical international web sites and services can not only predict the user experience but also monitor how well the site is performing, so helps enhance customer experience and satisfaction and protect brand reputation.

Appflare is a unique global internet monitoring and reporting system which measures user

experience and systems underpinning the performance of web services. It is unique in that it provides customers with data that allows them to understand both the experience as perceived by a user and how the underlying systems performance degrades application performance. The powerful analytics engine provides meaningful information, not just uptime and speed.

Peter Job, Founder and CEO, Intergence

“In essence, Appflare allows customers to be more profitable and protect their revenues and brands,” says Peter Job, CEO and Founder of Intergence. “Intergence has invested in a multinational 65 point of presence infrastructure (including the Middle East), complete with systems, monitoring and reporting agents in place. Customers can monitor and analyse their internet connectivity and internet service performance and make strategic decisions about where to launch web services and create accurate benchmarks for performance. The service can be set up and running in one working week.”


Source: Intergence


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