Twitter moves to allow channels

Social media, Twitter is in the process to launch a public offering to raise over a billion dollars funds, the media network has disclosed recently that the effort is to have over 218 million active users of the social network worldwide view channels online.

The social network says the AFP – Twitter partnership unveiled Wednesday with Comcast and its NBC Universal unit will now have television viewers to tune into a show or change channels directly from a tweet.

“Each day, Twitter plays host to the real-time conversation about television and a large portion of that conversation occurs while a program is live on the air.

Millions of people are exposed to tweets about a program, so much so that they’re often motivated by the Twitter buzz to tune in,” Twitter vice president Jana Messerschmidt said on the service’s blog, adding that partnering with Comcast, will assist to make it easier than ever to turn on the show everyone is talking about and jump into the conversation.

Messerschmidt said “See It” is designed to integrate with other video distribution partners, television networks and websites.

“We look forward to working with Comcast to extend this offering to other partners who will connect more great content to Twitter. Ultimately, we want to make watching TV along with Twitter even more fun,” he said.

“See It is a simple yet powerful feature that creates an instant online remote control,” said Comcast chairman and chief executive Brian Roberts.

He said Comcast is taking a leap forward in social TV by enabling Twitter users to more easily find and view the shows they want to watch and discover new shows.

“Twitter complements the live viewing experience and is an ideal partner for Comcast and NBCUniversal,” Roberts said.

Comcast and Twitter further announced a new advertising partnership to enable NBCUniversal advertising clients to expand their TV and digital sponsorships to Twitter.

The deal, which could also be expanded to other television or video producers, uses a “See It” button integrated in a tweet that allows a Twitter user to instantly connect to a TV program.

It builds on the use of Twitter as a “second screen” for television viewers, who use the messaging platform for real-time conversations, and in some cases votes, on a program.

Comcast will give subscribers of its Xfinity TV service the ability to change the channel, set the digital video recorder or play a show on demand, directly from an expanded tweet.

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