Pure brings its ground-breaking Jongo multiroom music system to the UAE

Introducing four wireless speakers and a Hi-Fi adapter with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Dubai, October 2013: Pure announces the launch of its Jongo multiroom music system with four wireless speakers and a Hi-Fi adapter now available in the United Arab Emirates. Jongo is the first multiroom system to deliver the sync performance and quality of a wired system in a wireless setting, and a superior technological solution compared to others on the market today and is currently, one of the only systems to offer both wireless multiroom and casual Bluetooth streaming*.

The Jongo multiroom speakers, Jongo S3, T2, T4 and T6, come in a range of sizes, colours, and mounting options and join Jongo A2, a wireless hi-fi adapter. Users can simply choose any combination of Jongo speakers to build a powerful system and listen to beautifully synchronised music in a single or multiroom environment. Jongo uses Wi-Fi to stream perfectly synchronised audio within a single or multiroom environment, while Bluetooth allows users to stream content from any audio app on their smartphone or tablet to a single Jongo product. Users can simply add extra Jongo speakers or adapters on the same Wi-Fi network to build their multiroom system.

Pure has developed Jongo to be a truly multi-platform system to cater for the increase in smartphone and tablet ownership. Recent research conducted by Google ranked the UAE no.1 in global smartphone penetration with 73.8% of mobile consumers carrying smartphones**. All Jongo products work with the free companion Pure Connect iPad, iPhone and Android app, which transforms smartphones and tablets into the ultimate Jongo remote control and allows users to listen to multiple products in a single room, or multiple rooms with the audio fully synchronised. It can also be enjoyed through PCs making the system incredibly flexible and accessible to the mainstream. The new Pure Connect app currently gives users access to local music on their smartphone or tablet, over 20,000 radio stations and around 200,000 free on-demand programmes and podcasts.

Says Nick Hucker, Pure’s marketing director: “We know that customers are looking for the convenience that wireless streaming offers and the high quality audio experience that a system like Jongo provides. We have designed Jongo to be as flexible as possible with a range of colours so customers can match their home interior; a range of sizes to suit different rooms and a variety of ways to mount and position the speakers so they fit seamlessly into the home environment and people’s lives.”

Jongo S3 (AED 899) is a portable, rechargeable wireless speaker that comes with four tweeters for 360° audio, and an upward-firing subwoofer for powerful bass. Thanks to its five speakers and individual power amplifiers, Jongo has surprisingly punchy audio and with a simple press of the ‘audio’ button on the rear of the unit, the user can select flexible audio profiles to make the most of any environment***. Jongo S3 comes with a rechargeable battery pack included with up to ten hours of listening per charge (can also be mains charged)

Jongo A2 (available now – AED 499), Jongo A2 is a wireless multiroom Hi-Fi adapter that offers an easy way to integrate an existing Hi-Fi product into the Jongo multiroom music system. Jongo A2 is engineered to provide high integrity and low distortion audio and comes with a high-quality 24-bit internal DAC (digital to analogue converter) as well as optical and coaxial digital and dual (RCA) phono analogue audio outputs. The digital outputs allow users to connect to a digital enabled hi-fi, DAC or home cinema amplifier and the analogue outputs allow connection to legacy hi-fi or other audio devices

Jongo T6 (AED 1,499) is a powerful wireless speaker bringing room-filling, detailed sound to the Jongo wireless multiroom family. The T6 uses dual concentric loudspeakers and two premium 5.25 inch full range drivers which have been hand tuned by Pure’s audio experts to achieve full range audio with excellent phase control and depth.

Jongo T4 (Preview) is a versatile and perfectly balanced wireless speaker delivering high quality audio whilst maintaining a compact form factor to suit all room sizes. Jongo T4 delivers clean and precise Class D amplified audio with enough punch to more than fill the average lounge or dining room.

Jongo T2 (AED 799) is the ideal Jongo speaker for everyday living and delivers highly efficient Class D audio through 3” mid-range drivers. All components are hand selected by Pure’s audio engineers to achieve the best possible sonic performance, energy efficiency and reliability.

Stereo pairing: All Jongo speakers feature unparalleled synchronisation technology which allows users to create an immersive stereo audio experience, simply by pairing two of the same speakers in a room. Setting up stereo pairing couldn’t be easier; users simply use the Pure Connect app on their Smartphone or tablet to ‘pair’ two S3, T2, T4 or T6 speakers. Multiple speaker pairs can be set up within one household, which is ideal for larger rooms. Having a range of speaker sizes allows customers to pair smaller speakers such as the T2 or T4 and then combine them with a larger Jongo speaker such as the T6 in a larger room to distribute and enjoy a perfectly balanced sound experience at their leisure. Treble and bass control has also been added to the new version of the app.

Stands and wall mounting accessories: A bespoke stand is available for each Jongo T speaker allowing users to position their speaker in a portrait position and the Pure badge can be rotated so it is perfectly aligned. The stand, which is available in black or white, also enables the speakers to be tilted in four different positions to get the most out of the audio depending on its location. Portrait and landscape sound profiles have been carefully created for each speaker by Pure’s audio experts and these can be selected via the Pure Connect app for an optimum sound experience. Jongo T2 and T4 can also be wall mounted via specially designed brackets.

The Jongo multiroom speaker system has been designed to stand out and is available in a range of this season’s on-trend colours. New colours will be introduced so customers can easily update their speakers to match their décor or mood. Users can choose from a black, or piano (white with black covers) base unit and then purchase clip on covers in burnt orange, lime green or mango (from AED 59) to match their home colour scheme and other Jongo products.

Selected Pure products including Sensia 200D Connect and One Flow and are compatible with and can be used to control the Jongo multiroom music system; these are also available in addition to Pure’s complete range through Sharaf DG, www.pure.com/uae and other good Electronics Retailers.

*Caskeid, a technology developed by Pure’s parent company Imagination Technologies, is one of the world’s most accurately synchronized wireless multiroom connected audio streaming technologies. The unique software technology within Caskeid delivers outstanding audiophile-quality stereo playback with less than 50µS delay; a true ‘Wi-Fi Hi-Fi’ that is good enough to replace wires, satisfying even the most demanding audiophile.

**Statistics pulled from Think with Google http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplanet/en-gb/ from the most recent wave of smartphone research conducted in 2013.

***Stereo forward facing – front two speakers plus sub – ideal for a bookshelf
Mono 360° sound – all five speakers – great for placing in the middle of a room
Stereo 360° sound – stereo front and rear speakers plus sub for big stereo sound
Outdoor boost – all five speakers boosted for impressive outdoor sound

Source: Pure

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