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Sécurité de construction au Maroc

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An opportunity for business and IT professionals participate!

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The 18th East Africa’s International Trade Exhibition (EAITE) on Multisector Products, Eqpt. & Machinery

The 18th East Africa’s International Trade Exhibition (EAITE) on Multisector Products, Eqpt. & Machinery is the largest trade event held annually in Tanzania, the hub of the vast East African market. Please visit:

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Saudi Arabia: Water And Power Forum to Commence on Dec 1, Discuss National Issues

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Europe: Brussels. Compulsory Central Exam for all Energy Experts, remarks energy minister

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Six African countries get new support to bolster private sector’s role in climate action

Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Mali and Mozambique read more

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Maritime & Coastal Security Africa: West Africa’s coast new battle front against piracy

Cape Town gathering of institutional and technical solutions again sea crimes read more

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Eritrea Ethiopia-Virtual Demarcation is Legal and Enforceable

It is hypocritical of the US Administration and its allies, to preach about the rule of law and human rights, while it has abused its international diplomatic and military influence to undermine the rights of the Eritrean people to live in peace within their own internationally recognized borders. It is also hypocritical to raise issues such as “prolonged national service”, “right to leave their country”, “excessive militarization” etc. etc. while it has encouraged the 12-year long occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories. Surely, the US and its allies cannot possibly believe that they are better poised to know what the people of Eritrea want and need…as there is no track record to prove it. There is instead is a 100 long and bloody history of subjugation and terror, of gross violations of their human rights, a denial of their rights to self-determination and independence, as they appeased successive Ethiopian regimes. read more

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4th FPSO Vessel Conference

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How I survived sleeping at the central train station in Rome

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Cradlestone Mall boasts country’s first carrier-grade Wi-Fi

Johannesburg, South Africa – 28 November 2013 – South Africans are set to experience the next evolution in mobile connectivity, as Internet Solutions and AlwaysOn launched the first of many carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions at Cradlestone Mall this month. read more

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JUMIA brings Black Friday from US to Nigeria

Launches exclusive discounts to the African market read more

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