First Call is a First for FX Traders

“ADS Securities introduces a unique information portal for Forex traders”

Abu Dhabi – ADS Securities, the Abu Dhabi-based brokerage and financial services trading company, has launched ‘First Call’ a new and innovative market analysis and information website. First Call provides high quality proprietary trading guidance designed to help institutional and individual FX traders achieve their investment targets.

Designed by ADS Securities Chief Market Strategist, Max Knudsen, First Call has been based on his 20 years’ experience of providing forex trading analysis for some of the industry’s best known banks and firms.

Describing the site, Max Knudsen, Chief Market Strategist at ADS Securities, said: “FX markets are dynamic, liquid and very challenging. Traders need fast, informative and consistent information. First Call offers them a very simple layout and design which provides the depth and quality of information they are looking for. The site covers daily calls, weekly updates and quarterly overviews. It produces real-time updates and regular information flows. At ADS Securities we have one objective and that is to make our clients successful in their trading, and First Call will help achieve this.”

Available for all ADS Securities clients, and traders who want a free trial, the website is an innovative way of presenting traditional trading graphs, updates and market information to traders. It offers ADS Securities’ retail and institutional clients’ exclusive one-stop access to FX market research and information in English and Arabic.

Mr Knudsen, continued: “Our clients are finding it increasingly valuable to be able to access regional research and market analysis covering all financial markets and time zones. We are committed to growing our research capabilities to meet this demand.

“More and more people are now trading FX and they want insights and information to help them manage their investments. First Call gives clients the support they need to actively shape their trading strategies.” he added.

The website will be available and accessible 24/7 and covers the six major currency pairs in the FX market which included the seven major world currencies. This includes GBP/USD; AUD/USD; EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY and USD/CAD. More information and video introduction to the research site are available at

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