2nd Annual HSSE Forum

As companies aim to grow exponentially in size and production investing in right safety and strategies is important then never before. It not only provide safer & secure work environment but also reduce operational cost.

This 2nd Annual HSSE Forum – Oman combines a world-class technical conference with latest innovations. Which will provide opportunity for industry leaders to share ideas, exchange technical knowledge HSSE related issues and Challenges.

This conference will provide an unparalled opportunity for industry professionals to discuss and share knowledge on various HSSE issues such as social responsibility, sustainable development, risk management, environmental Issues, health hazard management, behavior based safety, land transportation safety, workforce welfare, and security issues. The forum is designed to provide important and highly useful information enabling attendees to reach their HSSE goals with topics of Direct relevance to their work place that will be presented by high repute prestigious speakers

Contact Details: Muzamil Ahmed

Email: ahmed@imnbi.com

Phone: +91 888 460 0884


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