MATELEC EIBT China 2014 Opens The Market of Municipal Develop

MATELEC EIBT China 2014 Opens The Market of Municipal Develop

Recently in China, the tropic storm Fitow and Typhoon Danas have caused large areas of serious damages in many cities in Zhejiang Province and Fujian Province, and a heavy rain fell throughout the day caused paralysis of the power distribution system and communication system, which has seriously affected citizens’ daily life. As the life lines of the city, power distribution system and communication system are becoming the priorities especially in face of disasters.

The Green Building and Smart City development plan of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan has broadened the application market of intelligent building products, energy conservation products and energy monitoring system. Besides, the permanence character of city development plan requires much higher about the quality and technology of the appliances. Meanwhile, the electrical and intelligent building products installed in the initial period of real estate development in China are facing being replaced or maintained. Huge market need is calling for a business trading and communication platform for electrical and intelligent building industry.

As the leader in electrical and intelligent building industry, MATELEC EIBT China 2014 — Shanghai International Electrical and Intelligent Building Technology Exhibition– is gathering its enormous resources of municipal development planning organizations shared from the ones in municipal water treatment. CHC EXPO China and another organizer, Shanghai Electrical Design and Research Association are cooperating with several municipal development planning organizations to organize their members visiting MATELEC EIBT China 2014 with the latest information of new construction projects and reforming construction projects, and purchasing needs. Professionals from the engineering department and purchasing department are also going to bring the latest requirements about electrical and intelligent building technology and the newest market needs to MATELEC EIBT China 2014 exhibitors.

MATELEC EIBT China 2014 pre-show buyers’ information delivering service has stared.
For the latest information of construction and purchasing, please contact MATELEC EIBT China 2014 at 021-33231382.

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