Konecranes understands the demands of the petrochemical industry’s toughest environments

Crane operators in petrochemical facilities are confronted by hazards such as corrosive fumes and flammable and explosive substances used in petrochemical processes. Konecranes offers a comprehensive range of products for this hazardous environment, bringing together its vast lifting experience, knowledge of explosion-proof applications, and technology innovation.

Petrochemical facilities must maintain a constant high level of productivity. Unplanned downtime is unacceptable. Konecranes offers the petrochemical industry an excellent portfolio of lifting equipment ranging from Coker cranes to explosion-proof chain hoists. The product components are designed and manufactured in compliance with the guidelines and regulations covering petrochemical facilities, oil refineries and gas power plants.

Coker cranes at the heart

Konecranes Coker cranes are process-critical equipment in the petrochemical refining process. They handle coke from the point of discharge at the coke drums to intermediate storage in the pit/pad layout, and on to the crusher/hopper in preparation for conveyance off-site. Konecranes Coker cranes are protected against corrosion, heat, dust and moisture. They are also equipped with chemical filters to protect the crane operator and controls. The range comprises:

•    Overhead Coker (EOT) cranes: spans up to 48 meters, lifting capacity of 55 tons
•    Semi-Gantry Coker (SLG) cranes: spans up to 48 meters, lifting capacity of 55 tons
•    Semi-Gantry Coker (SLG) crane with cantilever: spans+cantilevers up to 50 meters, lifting capacity of  55 tons

These cranes are built on a platform of standardized components. Component interchangeability reduces spare part inventories and speeds up delivery of replacement parts.

Improving safety

Konecranes also provides a wide range of smaller lifting equipment including cranes, hoists and crane components for use in hazardous environments.

For example, the Konecranes EXCXT Wire Rope Hoist for Hazardous Environments has an innovative mechanical design and state-of-the-art speed control and motor technology. It can withstand corrosive environments and extreme operating conditions, and offers easy load handling, improved safety, improved ergonomics and favorable dimensions. EXCXT hoists are suitable for solo hoisting or monorail applications, overhead EOT cranes and Gantry cranes, as well as upgrading existing hoisting equipment, fulfilling the requirements of Equipment Categories 2 & 3.

The Konecranes product range for hazardous environments also includes jib cranes, manual cranes and electric and manual hoists with lifting capacities ranging from 125 kg to 100 tons.

Furthermore, Konecranes products for hazardous environments are certified according European ATEX directive. On request Konecranes can supply EX cranes and crane components with IECEx, CSA and Inmetro approvals.

In addition to this extensive product portfolio, Konecranes also supplies heavy specialised 15 to 60 tons forklifts and 45-ton reach stackers for pipe-handling applications in the Oil & Gas industry in Middle East, says Andreas Falk, Sales Director Konecranes Middle East. Our pipe-handling Lift Trucks significantly help increase safety, efficiency and flexibility in customer applications in this demanding industry. Our Lift Trucks are hard-working and remarkably adaptable to varied lifting and materials handling operations, he adds.

Excellent, proactive, real-time service

Konecranes provides an extensive range of services that help to improve  safety, decrease the cost of downtime and increase the productivity of uptime. With a global network of maintenance professionals working from more than 570 service depots around the world, Konecranes can service any make of crane and hoist. Services include inspections, repairs, maintenance and modernizations of cranes and other lifting equipment worldwide.

Additionally, Konecranes offers the unique TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting service, which provides actual crane usage data. TRUCONNECT® periodic data reporting and real-time diagnostics allow customers to optimize crane maintenance activities and give visibility to crane maintenance and application compliance.

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