CIBEX East Africa 2014

The successful joint venture goes on with the next international trade show on Construction, Infrastructure, Building and Energy called CIBEX East Africa 2014. In cooperation with the Kenyan government, the Ministry for East African Community (EAC) and the Kenya Federation of Masterbuilders, the exhibition will take place from 11th – 13th February 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. This international trade exhibition will be a great chance for international partners to benefit from the huge construction and infrastructure business in East- and Central Africa.

planetfair GmbH + Co. KG and Trade and Fairs East Africa Ltd. (TFEA) signed an exhibition cooperation agreement to develop international exhibitions in the East and Central African market. The cooperation brings together the expertise and know-how of both partners in the international exhibition industry as well as the great partnership with governments in the region. After having started with the first cooperation on security equipment, it is proud to pronounce the second of various international trade exhibitions. “Construction, Infrastructure and Energy is the key business in the entire African region. Especially in East- and Central Africa, road works and commercial buildings included international and domestic hotel projects are booming in the region. It is the perfect time to invest”, says Skander Negasi, CEO of TFEA Ltd., “With the existing network and the professional organization, the partners will deliver a perfect complement to the existing trade fair portfolio. Nairobi is the hub for this business in the East and Central African region.“

CIBEX East Africa will be a success story with such a professional partnership. Our company already consists of major network to European exhibitors and multiplicators in this field. Both parties use the strength to fill the international trade exhibition with exhibitors from the Western countries,” says Ingo Klöver, CEO of planetfair GmbH + Co. KG. “The success of this show is guaranteed due to the great partnership and linkage to the East and Central African governments and associations. The objective is to ensure the solutions we bring to region are relevant”, Klöver adds. “We had already a great start in this market through our good cooperation with TFEA. This new agreement is a great example of effective global partnership on a high level capable of developing technologies and furthering the East and Central African infrastructure industry”, emphasizes Klöver.

About planetfair GmbH + Co. KG:

planetfair is an international exhibition organizer based in Hamburg, Germany, with more than 20 trade fairs annually and a subsidiary in Dubai, UAE. Besides East Africa planetfair runs exhibitions in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Germany. Among its clients are governmental institutions, chambers, associations and export promotion companies from most European countries

About Trade and Fairs East Africa Ltd.:

Trade and Fairs East Africa Ltd. (TFEA) is a Nairobi based professional consulting & trade event organizing agency with regional African offices and partnerships. TFEA consults and supports African, US and European governmental institutions regarding international trade events and matchmaking within East and Central Africa. It has excellent contacts to East and Central African governments and associations of several segments. Trade and Fairs East Africa Ltd. is a regional branch of Trade and Fairs Consulting GmbH (Germany).

About Construction, Infrastructure, Building and Energy Industry in East Africa:

The construction industry in East Africa is expected to expand in value to $9.3-billion over the next six years as investment increases, a new research report asserts. Research by global consultancy Frost & Sullivan pegs the current value of East Africa’s construction industry at $6-billion, and notes that the expected increase will largely be the result of investment by governments into housing, roads and civil works. The construction industries in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are primarily driven by government initiatives to eliminate urban slums.

Infrastructure is one the most critical enablers of a successful regional integration, taking into account its importance in facilitating activities such as trade, agriculture, tourism and the movement of labor and/or other resources. Outlining in greater detail the need for co-operation in infrastructure and services within the EAC, the EAC Development Strategy underscores the importance of infrastructure, noting the catalytic role it plays in the functioning of economies.

Energy is essential in the running of daily domestic activities and operation of industry. Availability of sufficient, reliable and affordable energy is crucial for the functioning of the economies of the East African region. As a service and productive sector, energy plays a catalytic role in stimulating investments and higher levels of productivity. Energy supply and energy access have, therefore, been integrated into the EAC Development Strategy the focus of which is the supply of sufficient, reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly energy through promotion of both renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

The region is looking for international partners of Construction, Infrastructure, Building & Energy!

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