Documentary Letters of Credit Masterclass

Documentary Letters of Credit Masterclass

26 – 28 January 2014, Dubai, UAE

The course is designed to provide the delegates with a highly practical understanding of how Letters of Credit work, with insight from a bank and a client’s perspective. There is no need for attendees to have previous knowledge of the subject, as the first day begins with a full explanation of what a Letter of Credit is, how it works, the various parties involved and the potential benefits of these methods of payment. Day 2 builds on this initial learning and covers more in-depth areas relating to Letters of Credit including financing for Importers and Exporters and a number of special kinds of Letters of Credits. Day 3 includes group exercises where delegates will examine documents against some Letters of Credits and attempt to identify discrepancies or herald the presentation as a compliant set of documents and also cover Contract Guarantees and bonds.

The learning will equip the attendees with firm foundations embedding their understanding of Letters of Credit. The course will help in the attendee’s appreciation of the risks associated with these methods of payment and how to overcome and mitigate these risks.

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