How I survived sleeping at the central train station in Rome

A glance at Joel Savage’s life and books.

Joel Savage is a freelance writer in Antwerp, who enjoys the challenges of creativity and adventure. Growing up in environment where he sees the experiences of hard living and those dying in desperation, it deepens his understanding and knowledge to start writing books inspired by true events.

His first book ‘The Writer Died’’ which focuses on his father’s childhood and adult experiences reveals the ordeal of a neglected child who was able to educate himself to be a great journalist attached to the president of his country for official duties. Unfortunately he died at the age of forty-four.

His second book ‘Road of Agony’ reflects on his life as Joel struggles to take care of the welfare of his family after the untimely death of his father. As a passionate writer Joel records his life experiences as a roofless illegal immigrant sleeping at the central train station in Rome and shifting camp to Amsterdam, only to be incarcerated in his third memoir ‘Overseas Chronicle-The Rome and Amsterdam Experience.’

Leaving his wife and a year old child in Africa for nine years, they finally joined him in Europe. But the happiness of the family turned into nightmare as his wife was diagnosed with aggressive type of breast cancer Those days of sorrow is recorded in Joel’s fourth book ‘Heart of Endurance.’

Having dedicated his life to writing non-fiction books Joel’s amassing experience and skills from previous publications enabled him to write his fifth book ‘Little Boygium-Wonderful Experience’ about his life in Antwerp, as he tries to integrate as a forklift driver, whilst he writes his books amidst scorn, underestimation and racism.

‘AIDS doesn’t discriminate, So why do we?’ is Joel’s sixth book. The book which is dedicated to HIV/AIDS victims worldwide eliminates the fears of caring for such patients and brings the human side to the forefront.  Close the door against Aids, not the victim.

The Passion of Reggae and African Music

Drumming and dancing have been part of Africa’s culture for ages as ceremonial activities initiated by the ancestors to appease the gods. Unwillingly stolen away from Africa to the Caribbean, African music and rhythm finds its way to these islands in the form of reggae music. Since then, reggae has acted like a magnet, creating a huge impact on the global music scene.

This type of music, which carries a prophetic message and spiritual lyrics, continues to influence musical genres, cultures, and societies throughout the world, contributing to the development of new counterculture movements in Europe, America, and Africa. “Reggae in the bathroom, Reggae in the bedroom, Reggae everywhere, Reggae in jail, Reggae in church, everybody likes it,” sings Lucky Dube.

In this book the writer speaks to some of the masters behind contemporary reggae and African music. The influence and impact of these great musicians is internationally known and is recounted with warm, sincere, and unrivalled craftsmanship that distinguishes them in the music world.

Read the live performances and interviews of: Anthony B, Joseph Hill-Culture, Gregory Isaacs, U-Roy, Capleton, Julian Marley, Prince Malachi, Luciano, Lucky Dube, Julian Murvin, Andrew Tosh, ASWAD, Live Wyya, Seun Kuti, Femi Kuti, Faytinga, Manu Dibango, and Tutu Puoane. This beautifully illustrated, color photo book is one of the most fascinating and interesting works ever written about reggae and African music.

Read the true inspired stories by Joel Savage, a brilliant writer, an adventurer, and a storyteller.


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