Children of Saba By N.K Read


One ancient race responsible for throwing shadows on time’s dawn bequeaths one family with a legacy so powerful it could end all existence as we know it. From the hurried streets of Nairobi to the empty expanse of the great aṣ-Ṣaḥrāʾ al-Kubrā desert, CHILDREN OF SABA, by Kenyan born author N.K Read, takes you on an odyssey of Africa never seen before. Get lost in the magnificent scenes of Africa’s stunning landscapes, immerse yourself in the magic of the continent’s vanishing regal tribes and discover an unforgettable story that transcends the origins of the Earth.

Sydney, Australia (November, 28 2013) – In 2013, African booklovers will revel in CHILDREN OF SABA, the first of three books in the ‘Epic of Aphrike’ series that transports the reader from a modern world in chaos into the realm of Africa’s ancient, spellbinding and mysterious past, complete with hair-raising adventure, vivid landscapes and magnificent battles scenes.

After their parents are kidnapped by a sworn enemy who seeks their long lost and forgotten family secret, the Munene twins are forced into hiding at their grandmother’s remote farm on the edge of the Kenyan savannah. Under the growing cloud of darkness that seeks to envelop the earth, preppy-cool Mwenda and his precocious sister Kendi meet a mysterious goat herder and are catapulted into the past, almost 3000 years back in time.

They find themselves in the magnificent Kingdom of Sheba where they’re plunged into a quest discover their family’s legacy – a mystery so primeval and unutterable that it has faded from the present-now.

They join forces with the fiercely beautiful Queen of Sheba and the elite Meroë nthaka warriors in battling a dark, ancient enemy who seeks her throne and access to the twins’ secret.

Caught in throes of an epic conflict, they realise that that their quest involves the key of Sämay, a most powerful object that their ancestors – the enigmatic race of the First Men – believed could forge a path between the divine and human.

The twins eventually learn that they are the only two people on the earth – past, present and future – who can sway the outcome of a foreordained chain of cataclysmic events that are linked to their family’s present predicament and could catastrophically affect all three dimensions of time.

Kenyan born author N.K Read (nee Mwiti) is a masterful storyteller whose new series ‘THE EPIC OF APHRIKE’ is a grand parable for the modern age steeped in ancient mythologies, African wisdom and proverbs. While CHILDREN OF SABA is written for young adults and adults, the book is PG-rated ages and has considerable cross-genre appeal. At 831 pages, the book has been well received and since its soft launch on November 10, it has reached #3 and #4 respectively on Kindle Amazon’s bestseller list in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Epic categories.

CHILDREN OF SABA recreates the glory and majesty of a prodigious continent, appealing to lovers of the Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings series. It is the untold story of Africa, one that reimagines the legacy of a great, vast ancient race that is responsible for throwing giant shadows upon the dawn of time. It is a chronicle that leaps beyond the boundaries of the present and transcends the parameters of the origins of the Earth.


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