Port Finance International’s African Ports Opportunities 2014

Port Reforms, Expansion and Efficiency in Africa

There is no denying that Africa’s ports sector is booming, thanks to growing trade and investment. And as imports and exports grow, increased capacity is an urgent requirement. Projects are under way throughout the continent in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa and many other locations. These projects could assist in connecting the entire African region to international markets, and help propel the countries’ economies. It is predicted that investment in port projects in Africa will exceed US$10 billion.

But there are multiple challenges ahead. Port developments in neighbouring states are leading to increased competition. And each country has its own issues, particularly in transport infrastructure such as road and rail services, leading to further challenges in regional integration. Efficiency is key – and there are significant opportunities here to help these developments achieve their full potential, and ensure on going sustainable operations.

This highly focused event will investigate the challenges ahead – as well as a strong focus on the impact of these developments and the wider implications. Port Finance International’s African Port Opportunities 2014 will place a spotlight on the key drivers and inhibitors to expansion and development across Africa’s ports.

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