Nordex turbines power Chaeli’s “hope in motion”

Nordex Educational Trust, empowerment arm of Nordex Energy South Africa, the local subsidiary of the German wind-turbine company, will donate R250,000 to The Chaeli Campaign on Monday 09th December 2013.

The Chaeli Campaign is an NPO based in Plumstead Cape Town that seeks to mobilise the minds and bodies of differently-abled children throughout South Africa.

Says Anne Henschel, Nordex South Africa’s Managing Director: “We were especially inspired by Chaeli’s story and drive to provide ‘Hope in Motion.”

The Chaeli Campaign was founded in 2004 by five young girls who raised R20,000 to purchase a wheelchair for Chaeli Mycroft the young South African woman after whom the NPO is named. The Chaeli Campaign has grown since then to mobilise the bodies and minds of children with disabilities through 8 programmes which include therapies, outreach programmes, vocation and rehabilitation programmes, and inclusive education facilitation.

In 2005, at the age of 10, Chaeli Mycroft became the youngest ever finalist in the Shoprite Checkers/SABC 2 Woman of the Year Award and has gone on to win numerous other accolades including: the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2011 and a medal for Social Activism at the Nobel Laureate Peace Summit in 2012.

Says Zelda Mycroft, mother of Chaeli and CEO of The Chaeli Campaign: “The funds from Nordex will be used to enable differently-abled young dancers to participate in the inclusive FEDANSA National Achievers & DanceSport Championship 2013 being held in Durban, teacher and therapist training and to fund the salary of a therapist”.

Says Thembakazi Chagonda, a Trustee of the Nordex Education Trust: ”The work of The Chaeli Campaign embodies the spirit of resilience, empowerment and creativity in education that we value and appreciate”.

The focus of the Nordex Education Trust is to assist historically disadvantaged and marginalised people in South Africa to gain access to education and training skills to facilitate their participation in the economy.

For more information about the Chaeli Campaign contact 021 761 4326. For further information about Nordex and the Nordex Education Trust, contact 021 – 464 0200.

About Nordex Energy South Africa

South Africa is endowed with excellent wind resource and a large land mass which makes it extremely attractive to international investors such as Nordex Energy. They have a local subsidiary Nordex Energy South Africa in Cape Town, one of a select few preferred suppliers for developing wind farms in South Africa. Nordex offers a Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) product range  that includes Generation Gamma, comprising of the N90/2500 (IEC1), the N100/2500 (IEC2) and the N117/2400(IEC3); said to be the most efficient proven onshore turbine for light wind sites; and Generation Delta which is the fourth generation of its proven multi-megawatt platform (N100/3300, N117/3000).

Nordex is currently working on three wind projects in South Africa; Coega and Dorper Wind Farms in the Eastern Cape and the Darling Wind Farm in the Western Cape.

Source: Nordex Energy South Africa

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