“My lyrics are from Wisdom of the ancient” – Afro Moses, legend of his life time

My first brush with Afro Moses was in Aarhus, Denmark in1989. Among friends, he plays his guitar, whilst singing ‘Imagine’ a song by John Lennon. There is something unique about his voice and style of music, which attract audience at wherever he plays. Most of the time when playing his guitar, singing or talking to friends, he usually makes a remark ‘Abiriwa nana ni mi’ Akan language meaning I am the grandchild of an old woman, in other words his lyrics are from the wisdom of the ancient.

Afro Moses never stops performing. I witnessed him playing one of his concerts and like a magnet; he pulls everyone to the dancing floor. The interesting part of his performance was seeing hundreds of white people enjoying the music equally with the blacks at the concert hall.

As a talented, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Afro Moses, the Ghanaian –Australian based singer, is a multi-award winning musician. His musical career has led him to many places globally, taking part in concerts and festival, giving him instant international recognition. He was on tour in Indonesia recently to perform for hundreds of children and adults.

In his native costume, Afro Moses joyfully promotes the culture, custom and heritage of his country of origin and Africa generally, through his music on stage, as he holds back a song and interacts with the crowd. When singing Afro Moses keeps bewildering his fans by changing from instrument to other instruments. Whether locally or internationally made instrument, Afro Moses mastery is exceedingly great. His fusion of High-Life, reggae and sometimes rhythm and blues creates a unique sound with sweet melody.

On phone, he confirmed now lives in Australia where he has been touring in the past twenty years with his dynamic band Moses O’Jah—meaning Moses Fire! As a matter of fact where ever the group plays, the venue always ignites, as the audience jump and dance energetically to enjoy the worth of their money. In both 2000 and 2002, Moses was voted as Ghana’s best International Music Ambassador and awarded at the ACRAG Awards even though he wasn’t around to receive the award himself. He also received a legend in his life time award.




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