“The mining sector needs to expand their supply network to allow competing brands to realise the savings potential available to them”

Exclusive interview with Alf Jacobsen, Zambia director of Aqua Africa, exhibitor at the upcoming CBM-TEC from 28-29 April in Kitwe, Zambia.

1)  What products, services and projects of Aqua Africa Limited are you most excited about at the moment?
All, our product offerings offer huge benefit and savings particular in the mining and agricultural sectors. We will become the foremost service provider to the Zambian market and surrounding areas.

2)  What makes your company competitive in this market?
Some of our products are manufactured in South Africa by leading suppliers, all ISO 9000 accredited, and a such fall under the SADC banner. The savings on import duties are passed onto our clients giving us a competitive edge over our competitors who import from Europe, Scandenavia etc. Also Rand prices are strong in the current economic climate.

3)  What would you say are the main challenges in the mining industry in Zambia?
I believe the mining sector needs to expand their supply network to allow competing brands to realise the savings potential available to them. There is a reluctance to alter brands even though the new offerings are on a par if not better that existing products.

4)  What is your vision for the sector?
That it will reach its full potential allowing ‘partnerships’ with suppliers. That corruption is eliminated and free trade is possible. This includes unrealistic restrictions from Government.

5)  What surprises you about the mining sector?
The reluctance to accept new products and innovations.

6)  What advice would you give a prospective foreign investor who is interested in investing in Zambia’s mining sector?
With the alterations in the offered incentives and the continued changing ‘business’ requirements, make sure you have investigated all avenues and make sure you are fully aware of all amendments to such requirements.

7)  Why did you decide to partner with CBM-TEC?
We want to use this as an official launch of our business and would hope it is an ideal platform to reach a wide audience.

8)  What will be your message at the event?
Quality products and services backed by world leading brands at very competitive prices.

9)  What are you most looking forward to at CBM-TEC in April?
To launch both company and products to a wide ranging audience.


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