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Abuja, Nigeria Emerge Africa digital magazine made its debut this month. In the main, the magazine is founded to celebrate and appreciate the significant impact of African young entrepreneurs, those of them running successful IT businesses. From all corners of the continent, the magazine editors got interviews, insights and exciting commentaries. Successful founders were interviewed to share their business ideas, tips for starting and running successful IT start-ups and what it takes to succeed in the long run.

The Eric Muttas (Tanzania), George W. Bakkas (Uganda), Obinna Onuohas (Nigeria) and Churchill Mambe Nanjes (Cameroon) all made significant contributions to this issue. We also profiled Africa’s most enterprising start-ups. From South Africa to Tanzania to Uganda and all the way to Ghana, no country was left out- a huge testimony to the dedication of the founders. The magazine is designed as a quarterly offering and each quarter, we will criss-cross the continent to serve you exclusive insights of all that’s exciting and inspiring from across the continent. We believe in the new, emerging Africa, one defined and driven by the youths, their intelligence and creativity.

We now invite you to download a copy through this link- http://africabusiness.com/ea-mag/ for only 9.99 USD. Share your views and comments with us, offering us tips on how to get better by writing to the editor on this email- okafor.dodoh@emerge-africa.com. We are very interested in hearing from you.

Okafor Dodoh,


Media Contact

Person Name: Mr. Okafor Dodoh

Phone Number: +23 48051273647

E-mail: okafor.dodoh@emerge-africa.com

Website: http://emerge-africa.com/Emerge/index.html, http://africabusiness.com/ea-mag/

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