World leaders must discourage the flooding of the internet with nude and pornographic materials to create a cleaner and safer internet for children

Every year, world leaders meet in Brussels, finding solutions to weaken the foundations of terrorism, crime, child trafficking, prostitution, immigration and money laundering, because they simply symbolize the destruction of our society.

In my opinion some celebrities have caused more destruction in the world equally like terrorists, by flooding the internet with nude and pornographic materials. It is not things which could kill, destroy and affect our society and environment, should be seen as evil in the society, but also immoral things destroying and negatively influencing the world, especially our children.

Homosexuals continue to face discrimination, as many accuse them of the sins of the world, but we must acknowledge the fact that some celebrities have ruined our society more than gays. While many point fingers on homosexuals and Africa, as part of those who caused the AIDS epidemic and killed millions, celebrities have caused more destruction in our society with nude and pornographic materials on the internet, leading to child abuse, child pornography, child molestation and other negative influences on our children, with no efforts from any authority to stop those celebrities polluting the internet with nude shameful pornographic pictures.

Why? Because celebrities are considered as gods and some people even ‘worship’ them. They are considered special influential people, generating money for the film and music industries, public functions and advertisements, as they influence consumers’ purchases. The paparazzi, world magazines and organizations all feed on celebrities as parasites because of their influences financially. To avoid losing that benefit society gains from celebrities, their wrong doings are applauded and rewarded.

Recently, at a conference on Child Safety in Brussels, the journalists present asked various questions. My question is “You are talking of child safety on the internet. The internet is in fact flooded with nude photographs of celebrities and pornographic materials, while United Nations continually appoints some of those celebrities as Good Will Ambassadors to help children. Is that right?

I can’t describe in detail the countenance of the speakers on the podium after asking that question. At a certain point, I regretted of asking that question. One of the female speakers, also Goodwill ambassador, wouldn’t accept my question, requesting to name those who United Nations has appointed as Goodwill ambassadors having nude photographs on the internet. “I can’t call names.” I said. She finally exploded “Only Angelina Jolie I know.” Then one of them stopped the discussion and said we shall talk about that after the conference.

I became the Judas of that conference that day because of simple truth. I wouldn’t like this discussion to ruin my day in Brussels, after what I witnessed. During coffee break, I quickly went to the speakers each to tell them “I’ve got the answer of my question from one of the speakers during her speech.” “Happy you got the answer, “said one of the female speakers. The question is why do people become offended when one speaks the truth? Why the truth makes people face red and bitter than the bile? Evidently we are living in a world telling lies and living false life, gives one more friends than speaking the truth.

Everyone is complaining about the destruction of the world. The black man says is the white man, the white man says is the black man, some say is the prostitutes, terrorists, criminals, drug lords, while others say is the gays and Africans for spreading Aids, without the mention of some celebrities continually polluting the internet with bad images, which have affected many children both physically and psychologically.

At times I wonder if those female and male celebrities who have advertised their private parts on the internet have children. What are they looking for, money; fame or being a celebrity sometimes triggers mental instability? God only knows. Instead of pointing fingers at other, we should take it upon ourselves to restore our nation’s dignity.

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