How can we impact the lives of millions and create a financially-viable business?

How can we impact the lives of millions and create a financially-viable business?

-> Prosonergys Triple-Bottom-Line

“Product is King, but DISTRIBUTION is God!” said by Samir Patil, Serial Entrepreneur.

Since the IFC has launched the “Lighting Africa” program in 2008 the number of producers of off-grid lighting devices increased significantly from 5 to >30 and still more startups are entering the market with new and innovative products. Only 3% of the entire global market demand is covered until today. With an innovative Business Concept Prosonergy tries to engage in this sustainable business sphere:

Currently 1.4 billion people worldwide live without access to electricity. Most of these people depend on fossil fuel based lightning which causes significant damages. The main impact on health is caused by indoor air pollution. Even a small lamp is equivalent of smoking two packages of cigarettes. Furthermore there is a high risk of injury due to lamp burns, which can easily spread and destroy wide swathe of land. The average family is still willing to spend about 25% of their income to buy these harmful and expensive products. Especially in the rural regions, where the most people live without access to electricity, the prices for kerosene are significantly higher as in urban regions.

But the consumers not only harm themselves with this products, they are also part of a polluting business. The worldwide consumption of oil and the arising CO2 emissions cause enormous environmental harm while the emerging economies are getting more and more important in this area.

The unpromising situation for the people with lowest live standards leads to a vicious circle.

Prosonergy wants to break this circle by creating business with impact. The Tripple-Bottom-Line concept is a substantial improvement of the economical, social and environmental situation for the people of the bottom of the pyramid.

As we are selling solar powered lighting products the consumption of kerosene lamps will be reduced significantly. This will lead to various benefits in the environmental protection sector. Due to our local activities and the increased business of our own personnel and social entrepreneur, we will achieve economic development. All products which are powered by solar energy will increase the living standards of people in developing countries.

We will first sell solar powered lighting products to the people at the bottom of the pyramid. Our alternative lighting solutions will not only bring light to their homes but also replace today’s prevalent and poisonous kerosene lamps.

From an economic perspective, the products will enable longer working days and allow people to save money in the medium- and long-run. Society will be positively impacted through the better education of children, better health and generally a better life with more light in people’s lives. Environmentally, the strict obligation of our partners to follow our green production requirements will reduce waste and pollution in the countries where the lanterns are manufactured. In addition, driving out kerosene lamps reduces oil consumption and thus carbon dioxide emissions.

What is the impact in the next 12 months?

By replacing kerosene lanterns with solar powered off-grid lighting systems, Prosonergy achieves multiple environmental (reduced CO2 emissions), social (better lighting, reduced risks of fires and injuries) and economic impact (savings of kerosene expenditure can be invested in health, education or increased living standards) to the low-income people in Africa and Asia. In the next 12 months we expect to sell at least >14,400 solar powered products that are solely Lighting Africa certified or GOGLA members and improve the living standard of >70,000 people. Our projections are currently very conservative and we can scale up very easily.

Damages caused by kerosene lanterns

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