The new millennium is now well into its second decade and the pace at which technology in the printing industry is moving is outstripping expectations. Printing and packaging giants, Colourtone Aries, expects technology to continue to be a strategic focus in the industry during 2014 and beyond.

Colourtone Aries managing director, John Bywater, says, “The industry is set for its next revolution. This incorporates 3-D technology, which is fast becoming a key focus in next generation printing. As the world gets to grips with this technology, marketers will become increasingly excited about the industry, which will continue to evolve to incorporate modern methodologies in all its services and product offerings.”

On top of this, the advances being made in traditional printing methodologies will lead the industry into futuristic printing technologies. Going beyond printing is driving a renewed evolution in the industry as it strives to offer clients improved service levels on top of exceptional quality.

John says, “In the past, printers’ focus was on product delivery and service was secondary. This mindset changed many years ago as we moved into a more competitive market and with the introduction of digital technology. Suddenly printers had to scramble, adopt new philosophies and approaches to business. Those able to adapt to the change in technology survived and those who opted for traditional services did not.”

The outlook for the printing industry remains positive. The introduction of new technologies, like 3-D printing, is testament to how industry evolution has become a part of our present and future. This technology will tow the industry’s traditional service offerings, which, in itself, will also evolve to support the introduction of newer methodologies.

The past has proven that the future will still include traditional, albeit more advanced, technologies. According to John, the world is still heavily reliant on the print medium. Printed material continues to form a key component in marketing strategies. Futuristic technology simply drives the paradigm shift and places the spotlight on quality and service as critical success factors in the industry.

The future of the printing industry is exciting. Technology has become central in its offering to clients while the focus is shifting from a product-based offering to a client-centric solution that has quality of product in the spotlight. Marketers will continue to demand nothing less than perfection, a far cry from days gone by when lapses in quality is merely shrugged off as the fault of “ancient” technology.

John concludes, “While 2014 will more than likely continue to excite us as newer technology, no doubt, evolves further, the onus falls on printing and packaging companies to accept these changes and adapt to the evolutionary cycle we are in. This means not only looking at the strategic advantages that technology offers, but seeking ways that this technology will benefit our clients.”

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