Annual Investment Meeting 2014


8th -10th of April 2014

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

AIM is a premier three-day FDI focused event that includes an executive thought leadership conference, a ministerial roundtable, country presentations, workshops, an exhibition and investment awards. AIM presents itself as the new emerging markets FDI stimulator, fast developing economies growth incubator, and semi-industrialized nations leadership partner. AIM’s mission is to provide all participants, from the public and private sectors from around the globe, with a prestigious forum to learn, discuss, exchange views and experiences and above all, AIM offers cross industry project developers a safe and sound platform to present their projects and schedule G2B and Express B2B meetings with institutional, corporate and individual high-net worth individuals seeking lucrative and reliable projects for their capital.

AIM 2013 was a real success as it attracted an increased number of participants from various sectors and regions. More than six thousand delegates attended the event from eighty-four countries including forty-six high profile dignitaries representing some of the most promising economies of today’s world including Brazil, China, Indonesia, Morocco, Turkey, Russia and South Africa.

The theme of the fourth edition of AIM will be “Investment Partnerships for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Frontier and Emerging Markets”. More than ever, investors are flocking to growth markets in search for lucrative investment opportunities and Emerging Markets are becoming formidable investors themselves. There is a myriad of new types and modes of market penetration including strategic alliances and partnering for investment. Therefore, we will have the occasion to examine these new FDI policies and strategies for renewed economic growth and a changing landscape of investment and trade.

AIM 2014 promises to be a rich and unique experience. It will include inspiring talks from keynote speakers and discussions in a two day thought leadership conference, a Ministerial Roundtable, country presentations, an exhibition and networking events. The executive leadership conference will provide, not only an in-depth analysis of the world economic situation and trends in foreign direct investment especially in growth markets. It will also feature a series of sessions focusing on new FDI policies and strategies, new types and modes of market penetration including strategic alliances and partnering for investment in general. We shall examine South-South FDI,   motives and drivers as well as patterns of investment of Emerging Markets transnationals. Corporate location strategies will be at the centre stage of our discussions as well as new innovation and technology strategies such as frugal innovation.  In view of the remarkable rise in FDI from growth markets in the last few years, a special focus will be made on how to attract investment from the South and showcase success stories therein. To recognize the excellent work done by some Investment Promotion Agencies in attracting FDI of the right kind, AIM Investment Awards will be granted at a special ceremony to be held at the Gala Dinner. Please visit

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